Specific focus.

Materialising new realities. 

You are in control.

A Specific focus directs and calibrates a purification. In my proximity, you potentialise the undoing, transmuting and / or generating of something. Together, we achieve more; faster and more efficiently. You can name yourself or someone else; even a place, animal, business or project. Or you can identify something that you want to happen or a situation that needs resolving. 

  • Keep it short. Less, stated precisely, is more powerful.
  • Your source connection and self healing ability knows what to do.
  • If you are not sure, you can put: "Area of greatest need".


  • You or someone else (living or dead);
  • A country, government, or leader;
  • A global, local or environmental issue;
  • A parent, partner or family member;
  • A baby, child, teenager or any family unit;
  • A friend, work colleague or acquaintance;
  • An animal or pet; natural habitat or species;
  • A house, building or place;
  • A home; estate, garden or piece of land; or
  • A business, organisation or project.


  1. Identify what needs to materialise or succeed or what need to resolve and change. E.g. a house to move into; more discernment; new creative opportunities; success with a certain project or event; global tyranny; no freedom of speech; killing of dolphins; a health concern; relationship problems; depression; overthinking; food addiction; jealousy; being late etc.
  2. Or pose a question: Why is X not speaking to me? How will I find X to achieve X?

Key points.

A Specific focus is very powerful. It operates at the frequency of pure love plus the cumulative power of myself, you, and the purification space. That’s the combined strength of the number of people operating at the frequency I broadcast, including the events I offer. The focus is always fulfilled but maybe not how you expect or in the form that you asked for. Remember that timing; nature's principles; each person's source connection and their personal instructions are also involved.

  • You can't get a Specific focus wrong. If it's not right it won't happen.
  • Any purification will go somewhere, or to someone else, where it is most needed.
  • Your source connection knows what to do, whether you know or not.

Adding yourself.

  • Add yourself first. Once you are more free of the slave self, then others can purify.
  • In the end you will clean up your whole family line and ancestors.
  • Then the purification will move into the archetypal layer and the collective, then finally the place where you were born.

Someone else.

  • We can potentiate others without burdening ourselves with their problems. 
  • It's the identification of someone's need which is important. They do not need to know but you can tell them if you wish.
  • You will purify too, to any extent that you have the same issues. 

Even writing that specific focus out, i feel my energy shift, and my heart open.

Family members.

If a family member has urgent or very serious issues sign them up separately. In general, though you should join yourself first and then add family members later.

  • Add your children after 2 months. If you clean up yourself first, they clean up automatically.
  • Add your parents after 6 months. This will lighten your own burden substantially and you will realise that up to 90% of your issues were never yours.

Businesses & policy teams.

Business is now seen by many as the main conduit through which the real change we need is brought about. But large scale organisations will only be as effective as the purity of the people leading them. Meanwhile, policy teams need to be drawing up plans based on the type of ideals everyone is inspired by and wants to be a part of. But if the individuals involved are acting on the level of the slave self, they will only create more problems than they solve.

  • Transmute the frequency of yourself, your organisation and colleagues so your work and business practices are truly effective and supportive of all beings.
  • Purify your business or policy concept, premises & client list - opening up a greater path to practical success.
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