The religious ego.

Nov 16, 2019 — Purification track (mp3)

This purification track distinguishes the difference between the healthy and unhealthy manifestations of the religious ego. Release any pain, terror and torture trapping your own or your family psyche and inherit the incredible enlightened consciousness of yourself and the Earth.

We all know that a great many things have been done in the name of religion. This has nothing to do with religion itself or the many who have promoted it.

Nevertheless we are now moving into a time where the purity of religious practices and beliefs are being examined and re-translated for taking forward in a new way. And because of this it is necessary to understand the difference between the healthy and unhealthy religious ego.

In its deepest and most profound sense, the religiosity of each of us is our personal code concerning how we understand and stay true to ourselves when collaborating with others. it is the individual and collective; the personal and the societal – brought together in one way of being which honours all.

Event: Reboot groups.

Theme: Spiritual deprogramming.

Included: 1 mp3 (20 mins).


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