Real silence 7.

Jul 5, 2021 — Purification video (mp4)

Monthly upgrade for July 2021. Receive an advanced purification entirely in silence. Switch into your own current of constant aliveness, powerfully purifying and generating the change you wish to see in the world. Real silence is tremendously active and upgrades your body to receive the latest high frequency downloads through your own source connection.

Silence is an extremely active force which is little understood. At a certain frequency, it is pregnant and alive with pure love, which purifies, switches on our self healing ability and deletes the slave self. Most precisely, it waters the personal instructions inside each one of us at this time to upgrade our physical body to anchor and transmit more pure love on this planet.

At the level of the slave self however, silence is understood merely as the absence of internal sound and words. This is something completely different. Artificial methods introduced by the slave self to quieten oneself result in an inner annihilation and emptiness which can deaden the senses and blunt emotional perception. Meanwhile sitting in nature or quietly resting in oneself is extremely beneficial and healthy but one's core frequency stays the same - just much more pleasantly and peacefully so.

Real silence is pure love which courses with natural intelligence and transforms our being. It easily and quickly transmutes obscurations into yet more love. It changes our lives and our bodies. And it sets a new benchmark for all beings including those others around us who will begin to vibrate at a higher level and plug more deeply into their own source connection.

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Event: Real silence, Special events.

Theme: Peace, joy & silence.

Included: 1 video link (59 mins).


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