Nothing to wash away.

Apr 18, 2021 — Purification video (mp4)

Apr 2021 Silent immersion retreat video. Align with the new high frequencies of this time, nature's world order and its principles. Synchronise the waters of your being with pure love and the gold frequency. 

Water carries the gold frequency through which you embody pure love. It is this water which flows in the rivers of your blood. Love is all there is; it is the highest purification. When you embody the pure love of your own source connection, all that needs to purify will automatically transmute and shed.

You are multidimensional and exist in all worlds. Realise your radiance and your ability to wholly materialise in and change this world. There is nothing which cannot be undone, stopped or altered. You exist at the setting, where you yourself, are the purification.

Act and initiate in the way you know that things should be. Nothing can stop the purity of your being.

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Event: Silent immersion retreats, Special events.

Theme: Peace, joy & silence.

Name: Jessica Blanche Mary Boles.

Included: 1 video link (5 mins).


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