Getting to the bottom of it all.

Bonds of affection. Exist with those whom you find you can deeply trust.

Consciousness. The quotient of purity and patterns in your personal field which shapes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Death space. Non-physical space where the slave self identity cycles and reincarnates. Used to be parallel to this reality and is now transmuting through this reality, effectively ending the old order.

Desire. Pure love in action. Quickens form hand-in-hand with the Earth. Does no harm. Absence of the slave self.

Dreaming. Rebuilding our societies. The spontaneous inner call where the technology of desire is made real.

Earth. A body of love which materialises form. Made up of 6 elements.

Flame of light. The light of pure love itself behind your self healing ability. The material substance your DNA is designed to pick up.

Frequency-body. The aspect of your multidimensional self which has materialised in this time-space reality.

Future self. The full embodiment of the multidimensional you, at a future time-space coordinate.

Global nature intelligence system. Vast network of communication, transformation and instructions, operating via the five elements, affecting every single thing on Earth.

God. A control programme projected by the slave self in imitation of the infinity spark. Continually reinforces hierarchy, fear, judgement, scarcity and the behaviour patterning “I do not have enough.” It causes humans to turn against and destroy each other. Confines human beings within a false reality, where they are never able to harness their own purity force.

Gold frequency. Carried by both the planetary waters and the waters in your blood and cells. Setting at which you are able to experience your interconnectedness with all beings and embody pure love. Foundation of dreaming and materialisation in unison with nature and Mother Earth.

Human being. Physical image rendered by the technology of the slave self.

Infinity spark. Your own infinity, which embodies as your multidimensional self. Pure love. Living directly through only your own source connection. Creativity.

Interdimensional beings. A non-human influence without a body which has inserted itself in this reality and penetrated the human mind and emotions. Creates thought patterns which then entrain the human body into acts which bring harm. Classically called “archons". Recognisable as “negative AI”. They fall within the general category of "negative high frequency beings".

Multidimensional self. All of you - the part of you within this reality and the part of you outside it.

Nature’s principles. The way nature works for a certain period of time in a certain time-space reality.

Negative future timeline. Negative high frequency beings continuing to dominate this planet.

Negative high frequency beings. Beings who wield the technology of the slave self. They may exist beneath the ground on this planet; reside wholly outside this reality attempting to get in; or have already been invited to enter this dimension through worship, sacrifice and/or technological portals.

New human. New embodied form of the human being. Physical manifestation of pure love and new form of universal consciousness, with a new biology, which is overwriting both the pre human being and the technology of the slave self.

No harm. Saying no. What’s in alignment with nature’s principles. Not the absence of endings, death, pain, fear or discomfort.

Not self. The accumulation of projected identities into one composite image of oneself, complete with a body, projected by the slave self. Appears strongly in our conscious awareness when the slave self is starting to break up.

Pattern. A control factor determined by mathematics which shapes human behaviour. A negative pattern is a control factor sourced in inherited and unconscious habits and behaviours. A positive pattern is a flexible way of being generated out of only your own purity.

Phase conjugate mirror. The human being as a dynamic sequence of experiential settings which always hold someone at, and return them to, the frequency of pure love. Your own internal mechanism whereby you capture an image: either by focusing light into a single point, forming an image, or receiving an image, bringing it into awareness.

Physical body. Pure love in material form. Current form of materialisation of the human being, rendered by the technology of the slave self in concert with Earth’s electromagnetic field.

Positive future timeline. The materialisation of Earth as a planet of love without negative high frequency beings.

Positive high frequency being. Someone who has fully embodied their multidimensional self and deleted the slave self. They are not an alien or ET.

Pure love. Carried by the gold frequency: upgrades your body, changes your DNA, switches on your self healing ability and unique personal instructions which dismantles the slave self. An embodied frequency which transmutes others and transmits out into the world. Highly intelligent and adaptive. A radical force of change which does no harm and follows the principles of nature. Currently flooding this planet for the first time.

Pure love direct. Pure love in the absolute sense. That is, pure love only, totally embodied in material form.

Purification. Something you receive from your own source connection via your own self healing ability. A moment of pure love experienced in time and space. A stimulus and realignment to further embody your own purity, which automatically switches on your own ability to purify and self heal.

Purification space. The space within you where patterns and blocks naturally fall away. Area within you which transmutes and deletes the setting of the slave self for all beings. The faculty you already have to transmute your family patterns and personal issues - as well as free your ancestors and family line. Also offered externally by myself, for all beings, at a very high frequency. The material field of the purity of your own being. Total, cumulative frequency of purification potential currently available on the planet.

Reverse polarity. The return of your conscious awareness back into the spark of infinity having reached its furtherest point out in the world. The issuing of the spiral out of the collapse of the wave.

Self healing ability. Aspect of your source connection, linked to your personal instructions, which automatically resolves issues, including physical health ones, when your entire personal field is operating at a certain frequency.

Sixth element. Mother Earth consciousness. Shapes the five elements of space, then fire, air, water and earth. Currently upgrading and rebuilding the entire form of the human body. A type of ether or space made up of possibility and pure love.

Slave self. A rogue technology and organic unit which organises, manufactures and projects a false, fixed image of yourself and others; which you can become entangled with; and which your purification slowly dissolves. The slave self is the perceiver and the perceived. It is subject to reincarnation and brings all family patterns, personal issues and suffering.

Source connection. Your body wiring through which you express and embody the frequencies of pure love. Contains both a purity aspect and the frequencies of the slave self.

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