Always join the Reboot group first. Then add on the next Special event. To sign up, simply give as you wish.  

Reboot group.

Every Wednesday and Saturday. 12 AM — 11:59 PM UTC.

Personal purifications. Physically re-enter this reality at a new much higher frequency minus the slave self. Embody your own purity, automatically shedding the identities, family patterns and personal issues controlling you, your loved ones, and your family line.


Every Sunday. 7 PM — 7:30 PM UTC.

Strengthening as the Dreamer. Weekly meditation space for focusing on yourself, updating your specific focus within, adding in others who you care about, and going deeper by yourself with your own self healing ability.

Real silence 11.

Mon, Dec 6, 2021, 8 PM — 9 PM UTC.

Monthly upgrade for December 2021. Receive an advanced purification entirely in silence. Switch into your own current of constant aliveness, powerfully purifying and generating the change you wish to see in the world. Real silence is tremendously active and upgrades your body to receive the latest high frequency downloads through your own source connection.

Purify Planet Earth.

Fri, Dec 17, 2021, 7 PM — 8:30 PM UTC.

Join to purify our world societies. Focus on key nations experiencing difficulties. Understand the geopolitical, historical and religious themes running through the current world crisis. Always be a step ahead with the practical decisions you are making about your own life.

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