Immediate assistance.

Immediate assistance.

Receive a short laser-like intense purification for sudden emergencies or on a certain date. 

Event details.

This is a one-off, any-time purification in addition to your Reboot group. You, someone or something else receives a short intense burst of self healing from your / their own source connection.

  • It's a remote event. There's no live link or Q&A.
  • Your email receipt is your confirmation. There is no other communication.
  • Fill out your Specific focus, which will not appear on your receipt. It will be emailed separately for your privacy. Please note you cannot update your Specific focus once it has been submitted.
  • Then decide your donation amount. Remember, your donation is for your purification. It is not a payment for goods or services.
  • New to me? Join the Reboot group for best results.

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Say thank you. Make environmental projects and gifts of support possible. Deciding your donation.Change currency.



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