The story of Griffin Growers.

Jul 11, 2020

It's time to tell the story of Griffin Growers, which also started during the Silent Immersion, due to acute insights into the need for local produce to be available in the future to everyone. Suddenly a Community Interest Company came into being, founded on the firm belief that everyone has something to offer and that we must once again, in our own way, forge a relationship of trust with the Earth itself in order to support ourselves and each other. In just 4 months, miraculous things started happening. The soil of the abandoned and neglected land immediately available exhibited amazing growing properties. A Natural Agriculture farm turned up just 20 mins' drive away willing to trade seeds and share time-saving techniques. Two springs suddenly surfaced right inside the polytunnel where new seedlings were struggling to survive in the parching sun. One day a strong, very unusually coloured Queen bee appeared in the hive which had exploded into busyness - and a skilled permaculturalist; seed collector; ceramicist and a plant-based chef all collided with the location in a matter of weeks. Then they discovered suitable kitchen equipment on site in a no longer used building ... A website complete with hand drawn logo materialised within a day - and just when it was not known how on earth a loan would be repaid, a set of totally forgotten shares mysteriously revealed themselves, covering the whole amount and more! Now Griffin is gearing up to offer opportunities to those with learning difficulties ... and maybe even a Click & Collect service in the future for surplus produce ... Anything can happen when you start from the passionate belief in what you know be true. You align with that future you know to be possible and the whole universe swings behind this purity.

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