Hugh Wilson: letting nature do the work.

Nov 20, 2020

The key to the positive future is reforesting and re-greening along with a move away from fossil fuels. Healthy technologies will then find their rightful place. Basing body and business around nature. Workspaces in nature. Living in nature. Waking up and thriving in nature. Re-greening through the mechanism of nature itself requires less effort than conventional scientific wisdom. You harness what seems to go against the grain to facilitate something greater, then let the adverse factor be overwritten and see it fall away. Others are influenced by your example and get inspired in their own way. It feels good just hearing, watching and thinking about those who are making this happen. People switch on. This can be done in the smallest garden or across huge acreage. But we have to release our arrogance in thinking we know what nature needs to do. Nature does the work itself if we work with it - as this video shows. Find out about Hugh Wilson who all of you are supporting through Oracle Girl and what he helped to put in motion. More are doing the same.

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