Annemie ....

Jan 30, 2021

… has been in the purification space for some time. She is a jewellery designer in Denmark who places planet over profit and uses recycled gold and silver. Some time ago she decided to take the plunge with creating a collection allowing visitors to her site to choose what they pay for her amazing pieces.

I have been following Annemie's progress with great interest and every so often she writes to me. Her approach has been to use a system of "flexible pricing" where there are 2 options. A little like the way the Oracle Girl Library works, you can give above a minimum price to support Annemie in continuing to offer her gifts to everyone and enable her work to grow or you can give just the minimum price itself, because Annemie wholeheartedly wishes you to receive and benefit from what she offers.

She says: "Just think about how you would like to be paid for your work yourself. It's no different for me. We are more connected and alike than you can see. We both give, we both receive, I trust you to pay what you can."

This is an incredible example, still on an experimental footing, of someone wishing to run their business along completely different lines. Annemie meets you in this moment on the whole frequency of who she is and her creations - rather than on the basis of any financial identity. She is saying "I trust you" where recognition of both parties has already happened before money comes into the equation. And her work is beautiful. Have a look on her website here now:

Look here

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